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Dot-matrix, 2D & 3D hologram labels

Photo of hologram on labels

When you are looking to protect profits, products and boxes from theft and unlawful access, whilst offering additional aesthetic features to the object they are applied to, you need to consider the use of a holographic label.

Specification and Materials

Security features of our holographic labels

Leopard spot reveal on removal is a very simple way to check if the hologram label has been tampered with. You can see that even lifting just the edge of the label will show this.


Cartons and boxes - to protect the seam or opening from being compromised.
Warranty only area access - To cover screw holes and openings, so that you can prevent fraudelent warranty claims

Theft prevention using hologram labels

Deterrent against opportunistic theft and replacement is ofen an application of hologram labels. They clearly indicate that the supplier has made an effort to protect items/products.